Beard Care Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beard Balm?

Beard Balm is a combination of all natural oils  and Shea or Cocoa butter base. The consistency is similar to pomade or a cream wax that can be rubbed onto your beard to help moisturize and shine the beard.

How Do I Apply The Beard Balm?

Step 1. Grab your Gentleman’s beard balm and use your thumbnail to scoop a proper amount
Step 2. Rub the beard balm into your palm and apply to your beard
Step 3. For additional style or control use a wooden comb to help spread the balm evenly throughout your beard
Step 4. Enjoy the sweet scent of your beard balm throughout the day and enjoy the ladies wanting to touch your silky smooth beard

Does Beard Balm Help My Skin From Being Itchy?

Yes, the all natural ingredients used to make beard balm helps moisturize the skin underneath the beard and reduces itching. Works really well for those who just started growing a beard

Does Beard Balm Work For Smaller Beards?

Absolutely! If you have to frequently trim your beard beard balm is great for keeping the stubble look clean and conditioned.

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